NeuroAwareness Vlog02: Neurodiversity

Second Vlog up! Neurodiversity is an empowering movement, but I think sometimes people forget about the bigger picture.  Would like to hear what you think about Neurodiversity.


One thought on “NeuroAwareness Vlog02: Neurodiversity

  1. My job is the educational inclusion of Aspie boys. According to my very subjective experience with them they do feel inferior because of the medical labeling as being handicapped or disabled. When my current protegé (16 years; above-average IQ) was in primary school he was given a degree of disability of 80% by a neurologist! Before that stigma, he used to play games and do sports with other children. Now, he weighs 117 kilos, never leaves his home voluntarily and actually is ashamed of being the most intelligent student in his class. His favorite remark is: “Go and hang yourself!”, because despite his mental giftedness he doesn’t see any meaning to life in general. He hates himself just because of his handicapped ID. All therapy & mentoring is in vain as long as those doctors differentiate between sane & abnormal.


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