Trust me, It’s hard to stay positive

My mum and I were having a discussion about how incredibly happy and positive a lot of writers are about their autistic children and every little milestone they make. When searching about how I can help Chris better, most of the time I’m only able to find posts about children on the high-end of the spectrum. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely to see parent’s expressing their delight to improvements in their children’s behaviour!

Unfortunately, for those of us who care for low-functioning individuals it’s not quite the same story. As you can see from the photos on this site, Chris is extremely photogenic and it probably doesn’t express the reality of his personality. He’s gone and broken everything I got him for Christmas. I do not for once feel angry at him for it nor do I think he’s being ungrateful. It’s just what he does.

I have to admit, the happy/positive posts about Autism sicken me slightly, and I feel a sense of relief whenever I come across a post  about the real struggle with Autism. It helps knowing we’re not the only ones having to to deal with constant bad news and difficult behaviour that never seems to improve. So I found this video floating around the web about Bill Davis and his son named Chris.  Davis has published a book called Breaking Autism’s Barriers as told from a father’s point of view. Anyway, enjoy!